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Food printing solution designer

Nowadays, manufacturers are focusing on differentiation and added value. Printing on your products with edible food inks is an innovative way of offering differentiation. With printing, there are many applications possible including customization for direct-to-consumer advertising or to deliver a message, to highlight the brand name or simply for fun etc.

What is the message you want to deliver? Who do you want to target?

That’s a good challenge for Research & Development or Marketing! Let’s Procys help you to add value to your products thanks to our printing solutions!

How to do it?
Product customization is currently very trendy but the ability to carry it out industrially and in a flexible way is innovative. Procys printing technology is adapted to your industrial lines, allowing to print on continuous flow. The system is flexible, very friendly to use & above all, Procys adapts the device to your needs.

Procys is your partner to define and propose the most appropriated solution! We can manage product distribution to the printer, advise the type of machine to be used, but also help you define the type of printing best suited to your target:

The machine is controlled from a color touch screen to give you access to production, maintenance and cleaning parameters. You can change the image or the text without any mechanical tooling as the system is controlled exclusively by software.

For a complete autonomy, a Procys technician will take care of setting up the printing system on site as well as training your teams on the machine procedures and image processing. It couldn’t be easier!

Now that you know everything about food printing, do you have any technical questions or projects you’d like to discuss with Procys? If yes, please, make sure to contact them on the online contacting page or at