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Inline version

Machine designed with the same width as the fryer or oven

The machine is in direct connection with the oven or fryer, it is installed after a cooling area. The following operations are done automatically according to needs and applications:

Distribution, product alignment

Synchronisation with injection unit

Lateral or vertical injection


The products are injected on the belt or directly into moulders as in the following example:

A project dedicated to your needs

Procys defines with you the machine the most suitable for your production
Vertical or lateral injection
Stopping bar to hold needles during injection and removal
Option: no product / no injection
Cream feeding in simple or double jacketed
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Automate your distribution, synchronization and injection operations.

Filling / Injection inline version

What are the benefits ?

Turn-key production system

  • Robust construction, stainless steel frame, without mechanical parts under the process zone
  • Automatism & control provided by PROCYS

Modular production system

  • Injection head motions are controlled by brushless motors allowing a movement adapted to each recipe with maximum flexibility
  • Modification of settings during production with different access levels for operators, line manager or maintenance technicians

Innovative production system

  • Machine controlled from a touch screen, recipes storage (motions and injection time)

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