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Capper Medium

Semi-industrial version for production from rotary ovens

PROCYS offers a capper version adapted to semi-industrial productions for products cooked on baking trays in rotary ovens. The machine is fed manually directly from cooking trays, with cooled products. Several feeding solutions are possible depending on the applications :

Direct feeding from cooking trays

Automatic shell detachment from the tray & automatic feeding into the capper machine


How does it work ?

The following operations are done automatically:

Detachment of the shells from the baking sheets
Product alignment
Preparing rows and lanes
Tilting of 1 lane out of 2
Dosing and capping

A dedicated solution

Discover all the benefits of our customizable solutions for your production system
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PROCYS adapts to your specifications and offers customized solutions.

Capper medium sandwiching machine – semi-industrial version

What are the benefits ?


  • A solid experienced team at your disposal
  • Tailor-made solutions fully adapted to your needs
  • The specialist in the automation of macaron lines

Innovative production system

  • Automation of your process by keeping your artisanal recipes
  • Limits manual operations
  • Ergonomic workstations
  • Increases production volume
  • Simplifies your process

Flexible production system

  • Adaptation to your production tools
  • Possible format change
  • Several possible toppings
  • Space between dosage and capping for deposit of topping (coconut, hazelnuts, sugar etc …)
  • Make blistering easier or pick-up stations at the exit of the machine

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