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Tray denesters

Find the tray denester dedicated to your production

There are several types of denesters depending on the type of trays, rates and application.


How does it work ?

Reliable unstacking method that combines suction and blowing.
For ergonomic loading, the magazine is horizontal at a good height for the operator.
The tray stacks advance thanks to motorized lower strips that automatically bring them to the unstacking station, without pressure and without crushing.
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PROCYS develops the tray denester 100% dedicated to your process.

Tray denesters

What are the benefits ?

Customizable production system

  • Adaptable size according to your needs in autonomy, rates and available space
  • Fast format change, without mechanical tools

Efficient production system

  • Large autonomy
  • Horizontal store
  • Motorized lanes to facilitate loading

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