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Dosing systems

Filling dosage

Different applications are available: dosing of cream, jam, caramel or marshmallow on a tartlet, dosing of sauce, fruit compote, yogurt on a product or in a container.


How does it work ?

The products are positioned on a belt that advances continuously
A depositing head follows the product throughout the dosing process
The deposit can be done on a point, a line, a custom layout (2D or 3D)
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Procys defines, with you, the type of  machine adapted to your production.

Dosing systems

What are the benefits ?

Modular production system

  • A complete range of varied machines
  • Customizable solutions according to the application, the filling, the rate etc.

Assured food safety

  • Parts in contact with products are FDA approved
  • Construction without retention area
  • Flexible movements of the dosing head
  • Integrated head cleaning program

Flexible production system

  • Various dosing technologies adapted to products and rates
  • Various product formats possible
  • Automatic recipe change
  • No product / no dosage

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