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Dough depositor

A dedicated solution depending on the application

Dough deposing machine on sheets, in molds or directly on the oven belt. Possibility to dose sponge cakes, macaron shells, boudoirs or ladyfingers, choux pastry, madeleine or muffin dough etc.

How does it work ?

Several ranges of machines depending on the application, the type of dough to be dosed (viscosity, aeration, temperature …), the quantity, the cadence, the width of the oven etc.
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PROCYS adapts to the configurations and characteristics of your production.

Dough depositor

What are the benefits ?

Food safety assured

  • Parts in contact with products are FDA approved
  • Flexible movements of the dosing head
  • Construction without retention area
  • Integrated head cleaning program

Flexible production system

  • Various dosing technologies adapted to products and rates
  • Various product formats possible
  • Automatic recipe change

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