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Turning device / Indexing

PROCYS turning and indexing systems allow you to manage your production flow before a packaging machine. Tilting and/or grouping products if necessary.

Customized solution

The products are processed according to requirements and recipes

Possibility to group products by 2, 3, 4 or 5 in the same positions in order to obtain several products in a single package or load several lanes in parallel, synchronized or alternated, for example.


How does it work ?

Arrival of products in lane randomly
Product placement at a constant pitch
Loading of products in imposed and precise locations
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Designed solutions for all your creation or optimization projects on your production line.

Turning device / Indexing

What are the benefits ?

Food safety ensured

  • The products are handled without contact with each other
  • Parts in contact with products are FDA approved
  • Construction without retention area

Optimized production system

  • Possibility of grouping products
  • Products indexed up to 600 products per minute*

*depending on the size and adhesion of the products on the conveyor belt

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