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What are macarons?
French macarons, to not confuse with “macaroons”, are fine, flavored meringue cookies. The cookies are sandwiched together with a very specific and fragile aerated filling which can be ganache, buttercream or jam.

A macaron is a fragile and sticky product with specific tolerance levels. It’s important to understand and to manage the constraints and conditions for its production (temperature, humidity, etc). It can be difficult to industrialize the process, especially in terms of dosing, sandwiching and flow management.

Here appears the best suited process for macarons’ production! This is the true technology that will allow you to keep your hand-made recipe of macarons and still expand your production easily.

The technology to produce macarons
This technology will increase your macarons’ production because dosing, capping and flow management will be automated which will make it faster to produce macarons. Dosing systems have made manufacturing biscuits, macarons and pastries so much easier. Capping is then the operation of forming macarons, one shell on top of the other, with the delicious filling between the shells.

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