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Project Description

Stacking systems

To feed machines such as traditional sandwich or packaging machines, it is necessary to stack the biscuits / cookies. Usually the biscuits / cookies that arrive flat on a full belt are canalized between guides via a channeling board before being stacked.

There are two systems for placing biscuits / cookies. We can help you to define the most appropriate solution for your production line taking into account the product itself, capacity and application.

The penny stacker offers faster rates and is generally more appropriate when there are format changeovers:

The rotary stacker allows working with independent lanes. With this system, biscuits / cookies are placed more vertically:

We can also provide mobile stacking system with possibility of accumulation.


Procys offers the complete environment :

  • lane multiplication / reduction,
  • merging / diverging,
  • grouping / batch preparation,
  • distribution / transfer / tilting et.

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Merging / Diverging