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Set up

Capper M launching

A new line of macarons ready to be shipped! PROCYS for the realization of a new production line for the project of one of its clients. This Capper M (semi-industrial) designed on 8 lanes for the realization of delicious macarons is ready to be shipped! ALL NEWS

Procys in Moscow

[ld_images_group_element image="14192"][/ld_images_group_element] Delivery of a line in Russia. Procys supplied cooling conveyors, dynamic U-shape buffer and in-line capper sandwiching machine for the production of macaroons. Two monochrome printing systems will be installed before flowpack machines. ALL NEWS

Injection into “pains au lait”

[ld_images_group_element image="14291"][/ld_images_group_element][ld_images_group_element image="14292"][/ld_images_group_element] Installation of depanner and injection line for “pains au lait” in Russia. Procys supplies depanner, injector and  transfer of the products to and an individual flowpack machine provided by one of our partner. ALL NEWS