The semi-industrial capping machine


The semi-industrial capping machine PROCYS offers you a semi-industrial solution of the capper-sandwiching machine which allows you to automate your production. This system from 2 to 12 lanes is perfectly adapted to small and intermediate productions, and allows to produce from 2.400 to 14.400 products per hour. Choose automation of you macarons production with PROCYS !

Food Printing Solution Designer


Food Printing Solution Designer Nowadays, manufacturers are focusing on differentiation and added value. Printing on your products with edible food inks is an innovative way of offering differentiation. With printing, there are many applications possible including customization for direct-to-consumer advertising or to deliver a message, to highlight the brand name or simply for fun etc. What is the message you want to deliver? Who do you want to target? That’s a good challenge for Research & Development or Marketing! Let’s Procys help you to add value to your products thanks to our printing solutions! How to do it? Product customization is currently very trendy but the ability to carry it out industrially and in a flexible way is innovative. Procys printing technology is adapted to your industrial lines, allowing to print on continuous flow. The system is flexible, very [...]

Discover our article about macarons on Biscuit People


What are macarons? French macarons, to not confuse with "macaroons", are fine, flavored meringue cookies. The cookies are sandwiched together with a very specific and fragile aerated filling which can be ganache, buttercream or jam. A macaron is a fragile and sticky product with specific tolerance levels. It’s important to understand and to manage the constraints and conditions for its production (temperature, humidity, etc). It can be difficult to industrialize the process, especially in terms of dosing, sandwiching and flow management. Here appears the best suited process for macarons’ production! This is the true technology that will allow you to keep your hand-made recipe of macarons and still expand your production easily. The technology to produce macarons This technology will increase your macarons’ production because dosing, capping and flow management will be automated which will make it [...]



PRESS RELEASE PROLASER : ACQUISITION OF THE COMPANY PROCYS La Boissière des Landes (Vendée, France), January 26th, 2021, The Prolaser group, European leader in alternative printing consumables and key player in health consumables, announces the acquisition of the french company PROCYS based in Saint-Hilaire-de-Chaléons (Loire-Atlantique, France). This operation from Prolaser group, complies with a strategy of diversification in the agrifood sector. This acquisition will allow Procys to increase its position on the market of industrial equipment for the agri-food industry, in France and world wide. The Prolaser group has the willingness to invest and enrich Procys’s industrialization, marketing and business expertise. This will allow to strengthen its capacity to meet the needs of its customers and its willingness to deploy internationally. The management in place and all its teams, who benefit from the field experience and the detailed knowledge of this [...]

Sweet treats for Halloween 🎃


Sweet treats for Halloween 🎃 Biscuits and Halloween go so well together ! 🎃 🕸️ 1 1 Everyone is looking for biscuits, cookies, candies and scary recipes for Halloween parties. Procys has chosen to share some biscuit ideas with you. Your children will love the personalised biscuits ! 🍭🍬👻🦇 1 1 We use natural food inks, caramel-based brown and beetroot-based magenta. Product personalisation is very trendy, and to realise it industrially with a flexible solution is innovative. Your opportunities are numerous: addressing consumers directly, getting a message across, highlighting your brand, etc... Set the course for differentiation and added value with printing ! 1 1 Happy Halloween ! 🎃

Happy Holidays 2019 !


Procys 's team wishes you happy Holidays 2019 ! 2019 is coming to an end and we would like to thank you for your trust. This year has been full of new developments with the printing system ! Year 2020 is approaching and we will keep making great innovations for you and your projects. We hope your holidays will be filled with joy, we look forward to working with you in the years to come !

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