Online printing with food ink

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Procys makes possible to customize your products, thanks to digital printing using food grade inks, high resolution and based on an industrial approach.

Procys provides a monochrome printing system to integrate on your production line, which allows to print on products with a caramel-based natural food ink. The idea is to implement such a system in industrial companies on multiple lines with the option of printing in polychrome. PNG - 291.8 kb

Procys, whose core business is high-speed flow management of small products, handles the entire project: management of the arrival and referencing of products, detecting and printing the products, providing the ink compatible with the print heads.

A message, a photo, a logo... your products become promotional items that can be customized in a million way.

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Innovation & trend

Product customization is currently very trendy, but the ability to carry it out industrially is innovative. Our system allows changing the image, the text or the production instantaneously without any mechanical tooling (controlled exclusively by the software). We offer a flexible and scalable system, which can be moved on several lines.

Differentiation through food printing

There are many application possible, including customization for direct-to-consumer advertising or to deliver a message, to highlight the brand name or simply for fun, etc.

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Technical datas

Integration of the printing head directly on your production line. Products are detected by vision and printing is made when products cross under the head, without stopping the production cycle.

The system is controlled from a colour touch screen that allows the access to production parameters, maintenance and cleaning. The software for the integration of media to be printed is suppled with the machine.

- print resolution uo to 400 dpi in monochrome,
- printable surface width: 65 mm,
- head print adjustable height,
- software-controlled printing,
- system compatible with .bmp image format.