stacking systems

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Once biscuits have cooled, it is often necessary to stack them in order to feed traditional sandwiching machines or loaders for packaging machines. Usually they arrive flat on full bend and must be transferred via guiders to a mobile plate for stacking.

There are two systems for placing biscuits. We can help you to determine the most appropriate solution for your production line taking into account the product itself, capacity, and applications.

The penny stacker offers faster rates and is generally more appropriate for products of different sizes and thus easier for introducing production changes:

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The rotary stacker allows to work with independent lanes. With this system, biscuits are placed more vertically:

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We can also provide mobile stacking system with possibility of accumulation.


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Procys also offers the following equipment as options for this application:
- row multiplication / reduction
- indexing / batch preparation
- distribution / transfer / turning devices

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