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Project Description

Tray accumulator 

The accumulator manages flows between two machines

For example it separates the operation of the primary packaging zone from the secondary packaging. Even if the secondary packaging stops, the primary packaging machine can continue to operate with the same capacity. The secondary packaging machines then operate at a slightly higher rate to absorb the accumulated products.

We can provide different types of buffers depending on the needs and configuration of the lines. Some technologies allow optimizing the space in height or in length, others allow to reorganize the products in the same operation… the key issue is to ensure independent product flow between two machines.

The principle of the u-shaped accumulator for bare products can be completely considered with pallet conveyors instead of belt conveyors. In this case it is composed of 2 pallet conveyors and a 180° curve mounted on a mobile carriage driven by a Brushless motor. The variation of the accumulation capacity is carried out with the displacement of the curve.

The principle of the U-shaped buffer for unpackaged products can be designed with pallet conveyors instead of conveyor belts. In this case, it consists of 2 pallet conveyors and a 180° bend installed on a mobile carriage driven by Brushless motor. The storage capacity is given by the extra transfer length between the shortest and the largest travel, according to the buffer stroke (minimum & maximum position of the 180° bend).

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