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Project Description

Semi-industrial version 

Semi-industrial version for “shell” production from rotary ovens 

Procys offers a small version adapted to semi-industrial producers for products cooked on baking trays in rotary ovens. The machine is fed manually directly from cooking trays, with cooled products. Several feeding solutions are possible depending on the applications:

  • direct feeding from cooking trays,
  • automatic shell detachment from the tray & automatic feeding into the capper machine

The following operations are done automatically:

  • product alignment,
  • preparation of rows & lanes,
  • rows tilting
  • dosing & capping

Procys adapts to your specifications and offers customized versions 

  • number of lines adapted to the number of lines on the baking paper
  • automatic baking paper release
  • one or more dosing hoppers (for double fragrances or quick change)
  • space between dosing and capping for insert application (coconut, hazelnut, sugar, etc.)
  • tray unstacker and pick up station at the machine outlet
  • automatic blistering, etc.

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