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Project Description

Inline version 

Machine designed with the same width as the fryer or oven:
The machine is directly connected to the oven or the fryer and is usually installed after the cooling area. The following operations are done automatically according to needs and applications:
  • distribution, product alignment,
  • synchronisation with injection unit,
  • lateral or vertical injection.

The products are injected on the belt or directly into pans as in the following example:

Procys defines with you the machine the most suitable for your production: 

  • vertical or lateral injection
  • stopping bar to hold needles during injection and the removal,
  • option: no product/no injection,
  • cream feeding in simple or double jacketed.

Some technical characteristics: 

  • robust construction, stainless steel frame, without mechanical parts under the process zone,
  • injection head motions are controlled by brushless motors allowing a movement adapted to each recipe with maximum flexibility,
  • automatism & control provided by Procys,
  • machine controlled from a touch screen, recipes storage (motions and injection time),
  • modification of settings during production with different access levels for operators, line manager or maintenance technicians.

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